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In this article I will introduce you into the PHP portal systems world also known as Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Step 1 - PHP portals Introduction

PHP portal systems

If you want to find a good portal system for your needs then maybe you will not find all of the possibilities if you only type the term "php portal" to Google. It is because nowadays the term "portal" and "content management system" are used as interchangeable items. So if you read about that XY portal system or XY content management system then it probably refers to the same "framework".

The definition of a CMS is: a software system that is used to manage images, audio files, web documents. However a portal system is a bit more. For example if you have a calendar, money exchange, weather forecast then these components extend a cms a bit and construct a portal system.

Main features of a PHP portal:

To setup a php portal system can take only ~10min. However to fine setup, design settings, rule definitions needs more time. It always depends on what do you want.

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