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.NET FunctionsAdvanced PHP debugger
Alternative PHP CacheApache-specific Functions
Array FunctionsAspell functions
BCMath Mathematics FunctionsBzip2 Compression Functions
Calendar FunctionsCCVS API Functions
Character Type FunctionsClass/Object Functions
Classkit FunctionsClibPDF Functions
COM and .Net (Windows)Crack Functions
Credit Mutuel CyberMUT functionsCURL, Client URL Library Functions
Cybercash Payment FunctionsCyrus IMAP administration Functions
Database Abstraction Layer FunctionsDate and Time Functions
DB++ FunctionsdBase Functions
DBM Functionsdbx Functions
Direct IO FunctionsDirectory Functions
DOM FunctionsDOM XML Functions
enchant FunctionsError Handling and Logging Functions
Exif FunctionsExpect Functions
File Alteration Monitor FunctionsFileinfo Functions
filePro FunctionsFilesystem Functions
Filter FunctionsFirebird/InterBase Functions
Forms Data Format FunctionsFriBiDi Functions
FrontBase FunctionsFTP Functions
Function Handling FunctionsGeoIP Functions
Gettext FunctionsGMP Functions
GNU ReadlineGNU Recode Functions
gnupg FunctionsHaru PDF Functions
hash FunctionsHTTP
Hyperwave API FunctionsHyperwave Functions
i18n FunctionsIBM DB2 and Apache Derby Functions
ICAP Functions [removed]iconv Functions
ID3 FunctionsIIS Administration Functions
Image FunctionsImage magick Functions
IMAP, POP3 and NNTP FunctionsInformix Functions
Ingres II FunctionsIRC Gateway Functions
JSON FunctionsKADM5
LDAP Functionslibxml Functions
Lotus Notes FunctionsLZF Functions
Mail FunctionsMailparse Functions
Mathematical FunctionsMaxDB PHP Extension
MCAL FunctionsMcrypt Encryption Functions
MCVE (Monetra) Payment FunctionsMemcache Functions
Mhash FunctionsMicrosoft SQL Server Functions
Mimetype FunctionsMing functions for Flash
Miscellaneous FunctionsmnoGoSearch Functions
Mohawk Session Handler FunctionsmSQL Functions
Multibyte String Functionsmuscat Functions
MySQL FunctionsMySQL Improved Extension
Ncurses Terminal Control FunctionsNetwork Functions
Net_GopherNewt Functions
NSAPI-specific FunctionsObject Aggregation Functions
Object overloadingODBC Functions (Unified)
oggvorbisOpenAL Audio Bindings
OpenSSL FunctionsOracle Functions
Output Control FunctionsOvrimos SQL Functions
Paradox File AccessParsekit Functions
PDF FunctionsPhar archive stream and classes
PHP / Java IntegrationPHP bytecode Compiler
PHP Options&InformationPOSIX Functions
PostgreSQL FunctionsPostgreSQL Session Save Handler
PostScript document creationPrinter Functions
Process Control FunctionsProgram Execution Functions
Pspell Functionsqtdom Functions
RadiusRar Functions
Regular Expression FunctionsRegular Expression Functions (Perl)
RPM Header Reading Functionsrunkit Functions
SAM - Simple Asynchronous MessagingSatellite CORBA client extension
SCA FunctionsSDO Functions
SDO Relational Data Access FunctionsSDO XML Data Access Service Functions
Secure Shell2 FunctionsSemaphore and Shared Memory Functions
SESAM Database FunctionsSession Handling Functions
Shared Memory FunctionsShockwave Flash Functions
SimpleXML functionsSNMP Functions
SOAP FunctionsSocket Functions
SQLite FunctionsStandard PHP Library (SPL) Functions
Statistics FunctionsStream Functions
String FunctionsSwish Functions
Sybase FunctionsTCP Wrappers Functions
Tidy FunctionsTokenizer Functions
Unicode FunctionsURL Functions
Variable Handling FunctionsVerisign Payflow Pro Functions
vpopmail FunctionsW32api Functions
WDDX Functionswin32ps Functions
win32service Functionsxattr Functions
xdiff FunctionsXML Parser Functions
XML-RPC FunctionsXMLReader functions
XMLWriter FunctionsXSL functions
XSLT FunctionsYAZ Functions
YP/NIS FunctionsZip File Functions
Zlib Compression Functions

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