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PHP get_magic_quotes_gpc deprecated

Category: Tutorial - Functions

This article explains how to handle get_magic_quotes_gpc deprecated warning in your legacy PHP code.
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PHP in_array function use and examples

Category: Tutorial - Basics

This short article how to use PHP in_array function with arrays. See the description with usage details and reusable code examples below. The details of how to use in_array with normal or multidimensional arrays is also included.
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PHP file read

Category: Tutorial - Basics

Reading from file is a general task in PHP. This article tries to summarize how to use PHP file read possibilities.
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PHP file write

Category: Tutorial - Basics

Creating files with PHP is quite simple task but you need to be careful during file manipulations. In this lesson I will show you how to do it without headache.
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PHP string to array

Category: Tutorial - Basics

This short lesson teaches you how to convert a string to array using PHP built in functions.
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Generate random string with PHP

Category: Tutorial - Randomize

This is a short description with complete code examples how to generate random strings using PHP.
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Get visitors IP address with PHP

Category: Tutorial - Networking

This article demonstrates how to get visitors real IP address using PHP width code examples and security remarks.
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PHP get current page URL

Category: Tutorial - Navigation

It can happen that you want to know the current URL - the URL in the browser window - in your PHP application. A good example if you want to make some special action depending on the actual URL.
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Max's PHP Photo Album

Category: Product - Image Galleries

Max's PHP Photo Album is a simple and easy to use PHP Photo Album script for your website.
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Max's Chart

Category: Product - Graphs and Charts

Max's Chart is a professional but very easy to use PHP based chart generator.
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Max's Navigation System

Category: Product - Site Navigation

Max's Navigation System is very easy to use and flexible dynamic site navigation system.
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Max's Image Uploader

Category: Product - Image Handling

Max's Image Uploader is an easy to use PHP script to upload and resize your images.
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Max's Guestbook

Category: Product - Guestbooks

A simple and easy to install PHP based guestbook system.
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PHP MySQL tutorial

Category: Tutorial - Databases

In this PHP MySQL tutorial I will show you how to use basic database manipulation features in PHP.
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Max's Contact Form

Category: Product - Form Processors

A simple and easy to install PHP based contact form script.
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Max's Whois

Category: Product - Web Hosting Tools

Max's Whois is a flexible domain checker script. It is ideal for domain regigistrators.
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Max's Slideshow

Category: Product - Image Galleries

Max's Slideshow is a simple and easy to install, professional looking slideshow script for your website.
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Max's News System

Category: Product - News Publishing

Max's News is a PHP based news management system. Ideal for smaller websites.
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Max's File Browser

Category: Product - File Manipulation

Max's File Browser is a web based file manager to browse your files and directories on your web server.
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Max's Site Protector

Category: Product - User Authentication

Max's Site Protector helps you to create password protected pages easily.
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