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Use comments correctly in PHP

How to use comments correctly in PHP?
// This is a single-line comment

# This is another single-line comment

 * And this is a
 * multi-line
 * comment

 And this is an alternate version

Proper commenting on source code is an important part of a developer's job, not only in PHP but also in other languages. A good comment helps you understand how the code works. In addition, it can also benefit individual development environments and provide better code hints during development.

Fortunately, the syntax is similar to other languages. You can write single-line and multi-line comments.

Single line comments

For single-line comments, you need to use either the // or # characters to mark the comment.

// This is a single-line comment demonstration
$myVar = 1; // This is a single-line comment to clarify the value of $myVar
$myName = 'Max'; # This is another single line comment to clarify the value of $myName
# And the last comment

Multi-line comments

If you want to write a longer, multi-line comment, you can use the single-line comment syntax for each line, but it's much easier and more readable to use multi-line comments.

 This is a multi-line comment example
 This comments block is used to explain the following function 
function myFunction() {
    echo 'Hello world';

Nested comments

A final special case is that of nested comments. In this case, the comment is placed in the middle of the code line.

for ($i = 0; $i < 10; /* This is a nested comment */ $i++) {
    echo $i . '<br/>';


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